July 30, 2011

The "Clumsy" Fashionista

Thank you to Liz who requested a cake for her daughter Samantha's first birthday.  She wanted a to tiered cake, flavour chocolate to serve 40.  The theme....Elmo.

I decided to add a bit of pizazz by making the top tier Devils Food Cake, and the bottom tier Chocolate Fudge.

The bottom 10" tier with buttercream icing

And the top 8" tier.

Some fondant stars and a number 1.

Cover both layers with yellow fondant.

Stack the cakes add the stars, fondant rope, of course Elmo and voila!


By the way.... This is titled "The Clumsy Fashionista" because as I was making my way up Liz's steps, I tumbled upwards.  I lost my shoe, hit my wrist on her step, but do not fear..... I saved the cake!

Wait a minute....

Maybe I am not too clumsy afterall....(?)

July 1, 2011

Pass me a Cigar

A special thank you to Barbie, who requested that I decorate a couple of birthday cakes for two very special people.  Her husband Sheldon and their son Reed.

Reed's cake was to serve six, so I decorated a 6" round.  The flavour was chocolate, and I decorated it with green fondant.  I added some yellow coloured buttercream to accent it.

Barbara's hubby Sheldon was turning 65 and he has a fondness for a good cigar now and then.  With this information, I decorated a red velvet buttercream cake and added a fondant number 65 designed as cigars.