October 16, 2011

A Spa Skunk Cake

This is Madyson and she has turned 10.  Madyson has a spa day and .... (wait for it).... she thinks skunks are cool... and perhaps a bit misunderstood.  So of course this cake had to be a Spa-Skunk Birthday Cake!

You know?  I am loving this table cover.  It really works with the cake colours.

When you are a gum paste skunk at a spa, naturally you've got to carry a mirror

And of there is his friend wearing a plush blue robe.

Have a "Spa-Cial" Day Madyson!  Get it... Spa-----Cial???  Ohh! I crack myself up!

October 14, 2011

Sesame Street Cake for Connor

Wow! It was a busy summer.  So busy, I forgot to include Connor's cake on my blog.  I know! What's up with that?  I had so much fun with this character cake.

Connor loves Sesame Street.  Of course for his 1st birthday it would only be fitting to decorate his cake based on his favourite theme.

This is a chocolate two tiered cake decorated with fondant.  I created Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar and Cookie Monster with gum paste.  I then covered the gum paste figures with royal icing.

You know... I think the most difficult part of this cake, was making those teeny, tiny cookies.