March 16, 2011

Kiss Me... I'm Irish

Ok.  Ok.  So I'm not Irish.  I just needed a catchy title to grab your attention.  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day so I decorated this cake as a leprechaun hat.

The bottom layer was baked as a 6" round white cake.  The top layer is chocolate cake with buttercream icing blended within.  I molded the chocolate cake by making it dome shape at the top.

I coloured some fondant green and shaped it over the cake.

Out of gum paste I made the brim and the band of the hat which (ahem) I forgot to take a picture of and a three leaf clover.  And voila!  A cake for St. Patrick's Day!

March 6, 2011

Tinkerbell Cake

Thank you so much to my friend Tricia who requested that I decorate a cake for her daughter Tia.  Tia is turning two and is apparently a fan of Tinkerbell.

This cake is a two layered white cake and is covered in buttercream icing.  I was able to apply the image to the cake using the cocoa transfer method. 

I enlarged a coloring sheet of Tinkerbell, then printed it out. Then I taped it to a small empty box. I used a push pin to poke small holes all around her for an outline. The picture is placed the picture on top of the cake. I then spread a tsp. of cocoa over the picture to complete the outline.

I removed the picture, and had an outline to do the icing with. I outlined her in black first, then filled in all the other colors next. I also added some gumpaste and royal icing flowers.

And voila!  Tinkerbell!