January 6, 2011

Soaking Fruit in Alcohol

I have just returned from another trip to Jamaica with the hubby to ring in the New Year in Negril Beach.  Before boarding our flight I stopped at the Duty Free shop to purchase a bottle of Over Proof Rum for soaking fruit.  Traditional Jamaican Black cake usually includes fruit that has been soaked in alcohol for months.

I am quite excited about my purchase of my Cuisinart 4 Cup Mini Grinder which was my gift to myself for Christmas. I had a combination of prunes, cherries, mixed peel and raisins soaking in Red Label Wine before I departed for my vacation.  I strained the fruit from the wine and added it to my grinder.  I had to do this in batches, as this only holds 4 cups.

There is a grind and a chop option.  For this process I chose chop by keeping my finger pressed on the button. Nicely done... don't you think?

I transferred the pureed mixture to a glass jar and poured in some of the Over Proof rum. I the sealed it with an air tight cover.  I'll let you know when I use it.

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