December 29, 2009

I Wasn't Blogging But...

I have been working on my Sweet Tooth project.

Since the last time I've blogged, my mind has been all over the place, trying to decide where should I get started. I have a 12 year old niece, and we poke fun at her because she makes a list for EVERYTHING. But you know -- lists really work! Organization is not my thing. While an "organized" list may not work for me, I have started to carry around a note book in which I list random thoughts.

Starting from the front, I write my random thoughts about the Fashionista project. From the back pages (working towards the front), I list stuff general stuff. Like today, I wrote down that I would like to go online and view our hydro account, and google how to be more energy efficient.I tend to be tunnel vision mode sometimes. So having my note book include both aspects of my life, helps me to manage my life much better.

There is a book titled "Write it Down, Make it Happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser. I think the thought behind it is if think of an idea, no matter how fleeting, or great, write it down. You will find that you will embrace more. Bit by bit your ideas will grow into actions, and you will be able to achieve your goals. Actually, this blog is a little bit of my "Write it Down, Make it Happen".

So on the top of my random list, was to join a Cake Decorating class. Today I have signed on with Flour Confections in Ajax, Ontario. I am enrolled in Wilton Course 1 – Discover Cake Decorating. At $105, I believe it's a reasonable investment towards my future. Classes are on Mondays in January, so I have already booked off the Tuesdays at work. While I would love to focus as much as possible on Fashionista project, my full-time job is my first priority. Thank goodness for my vacation plan. Mondays will be a work day, then a class night -- Tuesdays will be my day of rest.

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