December 26, 2009

Dipped Chocolate Fruit Party Favours

The morning before, I purchased strawberries, and berries. After washing them, I placed them in a plastic container, and submerged the berries in unflavoured vodka. Covering tightly, I placed the container in the refrigerator.

The next day, an hour before my guests arrived, I removed the strawberries and berries from the vodka filled container. With a paper towel, I patted the fruit dry. You don't want liquids to mix with your melted chocolate, or you will risk it seizing up.

In a glass bowl, I melted a container of dark chocolate wafers. After stirring the melted wafers, I began to dip the half of the strawberries in the chocolate. Working quickly, I placed them on a sheet of wax parchment paper. I did this with half of the berries, however because they were so tiny, I had to insert toothpicks in them first. I repeated the same process with the balance of the berries, using white melted chocolate wafers.

Using a decorators brush, I painted patterns onto the dipped fruit. For a few of them, I added red powdered food dye to some melted white chocolate, and painted some more of my fruit confections. I inserted toothpicks in all of the strawberries.

I placed a sheet of wax paper on my decorative plate and placed the dipped fruit on it. I placed the plate in the refrigerator for half an hour, pulled it out and voila. A devilish - sweet treat!

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