January 2, 2010

Sample Chocolates FOR REAL

Well it has been almost one month since I took my first Confections Workshop. I would say I have come a long way.

Dec. 6/09 - Completed my Chocolatier Workshop
- My Sister-in-law tasted a few, and commented that she would like to take a few home
- My Husband had about 3, and I had to hide the rest

Dec. 7/09 -I promised some to my co-worker Jinette. She praised my confections to some of our friends on FaceBook
- I brought a few of my chocolate treats to my co-worker Sukhi, she emailed me that evening, and said her family thought they were scrumptious
- I gave a couple to my husband, and hid the balance

Dec. 8/09 - Sukhi asked if I would visit her home to give she and her a daughter a Chocolate making class (in her kitchen)

Dec. 12/09 - I got ambitious, and decided that I would make chocolate treats for my department's potluck at work
- I am enjoying obtaining more information of my new found love. I have even visited the establishment where I took lessons
- By now, I have figured that I would like to research this as a new career path
- I decided that I would start this blog, where I could journal my pathway to my new career

Dec. 17/09
- I made a tray of 75 pieces of chocolate, in various Christmas themes. They are a hit, and they all disappear
- I visit the Lindt Chocolate Outlet, and invest in some Couveture chocolate...because I'm gonna allow more people to taste, and share the views on my sweet endeavour

Dec. 20/09
- I launch my FaceBook Group
- BTW, I am Tweeting now

Dec. 23/09
- I have held my first Chocolatier workshop at Sukhi's
Dec. 29/09
- I have enrolled in a cake decorating course at Flour Confections in Ajax

Jan. 2/2010- I am putting sample chocolates together for some of my FaceBook Group friends, who joined my Group
- I am creating a white Couveture chocolate bar, with Merckens dark chocolate hearts
- I Feel I am on my way!

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