January 14, 2010

Stars and Stripes and a Rainbow to Boot!

So sorry I haven't blogged for awhile. You don't have to worry though. I did not get off course. My eyes are still on the prize but it has been a little hectic though.

My Level 1 Wilton - Discover Cake Decorating class began this past Monday. As you know, my goal was to book Tuesdays off at my day job. Sadly to say I wasn't able to get Tuesday off because we are completing year end inventory. I have been incredibly tired. I even had to work on Saturday this past weekend.

Anyway, this blog is not to vent about the day job (because I am thankful for it). It is a testament to show where I started, and where I end up. It is for you to follow me as I work towards my goal, of turning a love of making confections to a full time career.

And back to Wilton Level 1 / Class 1. We had learned how to make icing, colouring it and how to apply it to our cakes. The crumb coat vs using the icer tip method. Right now, I am definitely leaning towards the icer tip method. It puts on my icing nice and thick. We also learned the concept behind a leveler. I always wondered how cake decorators had their cakes looking so even.

Today we learned how to apply icing using the star method and we learned to draw stripes. Our class decorated a cake with a rainbow.

I will decorate my own cake over the weekend using the star method. I will serve it up to my co-workers on Monday. So excited!

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