September 19, 2010

Story Book Cakes

Oooo..... Sorry for the late posting.  I have been busy though.

A brother and sister celebration. 4 year old Ashanti loves Princess Jasmine, and two year old Ajahni loves Spiderman. Chocolate cake story book style!
I prepared two chocolate cakes with buttercream icing. I pulled out some pages from a colouring book and placed a sheet of parchment paper on top of each of them. I then traced the pictures with a thin piping tip of black buttercream icing mixed with piping gel.  Once that was done, I took one of the cakes and placed the one of the parchment paper tracings upside down on top of the cake and pressed it on to the surface.  I then coloured within the lines with coloured icing mixed with icing gel.

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