November 18, 2010

Coach Bag

Thank you to Sharon for requesting a cake for her sister Sophia.

The theme?  A Coach Bag.  Since Sharon would be transporting this after delivery, she asked if I could decorate this cake flat on a cake board.  Sharon is a fan of Pumpkin Spice... So Pumpkin Spice it was.  She also wanted it in turquoise and yellow.
I have posted this recipe in January of this year.  Here is a tip if you want to bake an eggless cake.  Replace your eggs and water in this recipe with a can of club soda.

Here are some pictures of the process.
Turquoise butter cream icing on the first layer.
Time to icing the top layer.
Crumb coat complete!
Let's add that icing again.
Fondant is placed over cake.
Oops.... I forgot to cake more pictures in between.  I did use two round cookie cutters to make the letter C.  One large one and a smaller one to cut out a hole in the middle.  I will add an update of this cake sliced, once Sophia has cut into it.

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