April 10, 2011

In The Night Garden

Thank you to Maria who requested that I decorate a cake for her son Luka.  This was super special because it was for Luka's first birthday.  Apparently, Luka is a huge fan of In the Night Garden. 

I had not heard of this program before, so I decided to tune in one evening at 8pm.  You know... to get to know my subject.  Luka ... Believe me... I tried to watch this.  But after about 3 minutes, I had to tune out.  I think it may have been an age thing.  I would like to honestly say that I got "it".  I mean I think I did because I had such a fun time decorating this 2 tiered cake.

Let's go through some of the steps:

This is a two layered cake.  One layer chocolate, the other a white cake.  I smoothed buttercream icing coloured in green.  I then added fondant trees around it.

Of course where there are trees, there is grass.

I added a top tier which was baked as a vanilla white cake with a chocolate marble swirl.  I smoothed blue icing to symbolize the sky.  More trees were added as well as some fondant clouds.

More grass and toadstools are added... and of course the fondant characters.  Happy Birthday Luka!

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