December 19, 2009

Grasshopper Becomes The Teacher

I had brought a few of my home made chocolates to work for my good friend Sukhi. She brought them home to share with her family. Later that evening, I received a FaceBook message from her.

Her family LOVED the chocolates, and especially enjoyed the white chocolate Santa. She added that my confections were "the bomb".

FYI-- that is a VERY good thing.

She had asked me if I would visit her home, and give both her and her daughter a lesson in making chocolate. I said yes, but honestly, I didn't think she was serious. She came back a week later and said that another one of our co-workers -- Angie was coming to visit, and if she would join us.

So, this Wednesday, I will be driving to Brampton to conduct a chocolate making workshop.

Isn't life funny? Not ha ha funny.

Exactly two weeks ago, I was getting excited about learning how to make chocolate. Look at me now. I will be giving an instructional course on how to make chocolate.

Tomorrow, I take on the world!

Ok-- getting overly excited. Calm down Dee... Calm down.

What will THEY need:
-glass measuring 2 cup (microwave safe)
-two small glass or ceramic bowls / cups
-a few medium sized spoons for mixing
-a small bag of almonds and
-an apron
-wax parchment paper
-a sealed container to hoard their chocolate sweets

The supplies / ingredients that I will BRING for them will be
-three colours of powdered food dye
-600 g of Merckens White
-600 g of Merckens Cocoa Lite
-decorator paint brush
-cotton gloves
-small cake box
-sleigh mould, Christmas mould, and a heart mould (for Valentines Day)

I will be picking up the majority of these suppiles at Scoop 'N Weigh Foods Limited.

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